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How to Determine Your Printer Type (Laser or Inkjet?)

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Determining the type of printer you are using is quick and easy, and must be done before you select a transfer paper. Digital HeatFX has transfer papers for both inkjet and laser printers; each transfer paper is made specifically for one or the other.

1.    Before buying inkjet or laser compatible transfer paper, the first step is to determine which printer type you are using, or which will best suit your needs. Inkjet and laser printers each cover a broad range of costs and capabilities.
2.    The easiest way to determine your printer type is to remove the cartridge. If it is large and bulky, it’s most likely a laser printer. If the cartridge is small and light, you probably have an inkjet printer.
3.    Most printer types can be easily identified by their model name, often found on the printer itself. We suggest you begin by looking there, or in the owner’s manual.
4.    If you’re unable to find the information, run a search on the Internet with the exact model number of your printer. In most cases you will be able to find out if it’s an inkjet or laser printer within a couple of clicks.
5.    If searching the web does not help try contacting the manufacturer of your printer by visiting their website and calling the manufacturers customer support line.

Tips and Tricks
•    An inkjet printer propels tiny droplets of ink onto the paper during printing, which then must dry. Try rubbing the print, if it smears with the touch of a hand or bleeds when it gets wet then it’s most likely an inkjet printer.
•    Inkjet cartridges are often much smaller than laser cartridges, so if your cartridge is about the size a cell phone it’s probably an inkjet printer.
•    Laser printers use a special laser to produce an electrically charged image on a drum, which is then rolled through powdered toner. The toner then fuses onto the paper using heat. If the printed label material feels warm to the touch, you most likely have a laser printer.
•    Laser cartridges are often much larger than inkjet cartridges, so if your cartridge is bigger than a standard cell phone it is most likely a laser printer.

Please note: You cannot use inkjet transfer paper on a laser printer or laser transfer paper on an inkjet printer!