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Heat Transfer Paper Support - My Image Will Not Transfer

There are a couple of reasons why your image is not transferring onto the paper. Please see below for the most common problems and suggestions.

1. Make sure you printed onto the heat transfer with the right setting to begin with. For example, most laser printers require to print using a thick or heavy setting. Failure to do so will result in not enough toner printing onto the transfer.

2. If your heat press is new, make sure you do a burn in of at least 6 hours prior to attempting to transfer. This is necessary to “condition” the ceramic plate on the platen. 

3. Check the temperature of the plate with a laser heat gauge available at your local home improvement store or you can order one from Digital HeatFX. If there are cold spots on your press that will greatly impact its ability to transfer properly.

4. Check under the pad on the lower plate to see if it is warm. If it is cool or room temperature you may need to do several pre-presses with no shirt in the press. To do this lower and lock the press for 30 sec. repeating several times until the lower platen is warm. Once you have started pressing you shouldn’t need to do this, however if you haven’t pressed anything for a while you should perform this procedure until the lower platen is warm. 

5. Some presses need to be set up 20 to 40 degrees higher on the readout to have the actual temp. be correct. See the instructions for calibrating your heat press if this is the case. 

6. Make sure you are pressing for the correct amount of time. 

7. Make sure the pressure is correct on the press.

Please contact us with any questions.